The Final 2018 Update to the California Water Plan was released by the Department of Water Resources. This plan will provide data analysis to support creating the Water Resilience Portfolio called for by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

DWR is required by State Water Code to update the California Water Plan every five years. An advisory committee that includes ACWA representatives supported the creation of the 2018 update that contains a series of supporting documents that detail the plan’s findings & recommendation details.

DWR summarized the 2018 Update in a news release that details letters from DWR Director, Karla Nemeth and Wade Crowfoot, California’s secretary for Natural Resources.

By providing information to the Water Resilience Portfolio, the 2018 Update unites a process set forth by Newsom in an April Executive Order. What’s become known as the Governor’s One Water Team – comprising of the California Natural Resources Agency, California Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Food and Agriculture – is actively working with the ACWA and members of the state’s water industry to help create and implement the Water Resilience Portfolio by the end of 2019.