WALNUT – The Board of Directors of The Walnut Valley Water District (WVWD) have officially implemented an important plan for 2019, that signifies a disciplined attempt to establish initiatives and strategies to enhance the District’s overall vision and tackle the on-going water supply problems affecting California. The strategy addresses the District’s objectives and goals and offers the staff a comprehensive blueprint for how to accomplish results in the years to come.

WVWD General Manager Erik Hitchman said “Everything we do as an organization ultimately relates back to the high-level decision-making we do as a group,” and “The core planning principles have been developed by a strategic planning team representing each department within the District, with a sole focus on providing value to our customers and achieving our mission. We realize that the only way to protect the future of water in our area is through proactive, long-range planning.”

The Goals presented in the District’s vision are based on six key principles and include their related objectives are outlined below:

Thriving Workforce: establish training improvement programs, market the business as a great place to work, and provide competitive pay and benefits

Financial Strength: improve budget strategy, assess and analyze pay and benefits, and guarantee prompt dispersion of the data

System Resilience: implement new technologies to help identify better asset management tools, formalize pipeline refurbishment plan, and improve current resources and tools to minimize risk

Supply Reliability: create preservation master strategy, broaden recycled water plan, and investigate further local water source reliability projects

Collaborative Leadership: improve legislative support strategies, become a reliable industry resource of news and facts, and nurture important industry and regional relations

Customer Engagement: create a thorough communications strategy to incorporate water knowledge and to enhance internal and crisis communications, re-establish the District’s dedication to transparency, and create a website portal and District app

WVWD Board President Edwin M. Hilden, said “We believe these goals are measurable, attainable, and reasonable, based on our District’s resources. The resulting product is the road map that will drive the Board policies and staff action steps that will help us continue to meet the community’s water needs for years to come.”

The acceptance of the strategic plan symbolizes the first step of a useful and innovative planning system that links department plans and implementation to employee work programs, budgets, and analysis. The overall program can be downloaded from the District’s website at www.wvwd.com.