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DWR Land Classification Data and Process

Eagle Aerial is currently producing a statewide dataset of land classification for the California Department of Water Resources. The land classification data will be provided to each water district in the state free of charge. The data will meet the very precise requirements established over the last two years through testing and the development of complex tools and processes by the Eagle team in conjunction with DWR.

A number of land classification steps must be followed in order to meet the requirements of DWR in terms of needed classes and levels of accuracy for the statewide project.

Automated classification has not been shown to be able to accomplish the required goals. Data that has been produced by several entities in a fully or largely automated fashion has been found to be deficient by DWR. The Eagle/Quantum team contains multiple PhD level remote sensing analysts whose skill has been required to develop this methodology over the past two years in conjunction with the DWR team.

Web Portal For All Water Districts

The land classification data will be delivered and hosted in a web portal developed by Eagle that is being enhanced now to run on a world-class foundation (the foundation used by MLS and many other entities). It will be very user-friendly and will not require GIS knowledge to operate. Eagle is planning to make the portal available free of charge to all the districts well in advance of the finalization of the classification data, perhaps within the next few weeks. It will be provided to the districts free of charge up through several weeks after delivery of the data so that districts can QC the data that is generated by the project, with the request that districts load water use data for calculation purposes. Those who wish to continue using the portal after completion of the data QC process can subscribe at a reasonable charge.

The portal includes items like:

  • Imagery
  • Parcel Data and District boundaries
  • Very broad suite of GIS tools: zoom in/out, query by data (parcel, address, customer number, etc.), drawing and measuring tools, searching/querying by designated areas selected by user, etc.
  • Ability to sort through and organize data in many ways to determine use and efficiency from parcel-level to district level
  • Ability to use on mobile devices in the field
  • Water Use Data from Districts (using our customized data loader software tool)
  • ET Data
  • Land Classification Data meeting DWR’s rigid specifications
  • Other tools, capabilities and data as determined by districts to be helpful

Our WaterView web portal includes easy to use tools like:


Eagle can provide imagery to any district that might be interested in purchasing it for their use. We can make that imagery available at a very low price. Districts need to be cautious about using the imagery to generate classification data unless they have a better sense from DWR about what kind of accuracy and analysis they will require going forward, again, remembering that data will be provided to the districts free of charge.

  • Analyzes total water allocation at the parcel level that meets new DWR standards.
  • Spots water use trends and identifies water wasters within a district
  • Aides in upcoming DWR reporting requirements.

No GIS training needed!

The California Conservation Bills AB1668 & SB606
are in effect and all water district data will be hosted here.

Eagle Aerial is the exclusive provider of irrigated landscape measurement for DWR.

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