Water Conservation &
Data Management Services
for Water Managers


Eagle Aerial Solutions has developed the most sophisticated and accurate remote sensing analysis services to assist water agencies in managing their assets and conserving resources while minimizing the adverse economic consequences of a conservation-induced reduction in customer demand.

Eagle’s remote sensing expertise is able to determine conditions on the ground, such as irrigated vegetation analysis and land cover determination with the highest level of accuracy in the industry.  We have demonstrated our capabilities throughout California and have now been chosen by the California Department of Water Resources to conduct an irrigated vegetation analysis for the entire state.  We have also conducted detailed analysis for some of the largest and most progressive agencies in the state, such as East Bay Municipal Water District and the Irvine Ranch Water District.

Web-Based Data Management Portal



Our system allows agencies to identify inefficient users, determine overall usage within portions of or the entire district.  It helps identify customers to be targeted for turf abatement programs. And it uses evapo-transporative and demographic data to accurately determine the efficiency performance of portions of the district and even individual parcels.

Eagle also has a proprietary tablet application to allow field identification for dedicated meters and tracking the coverage area of those meters, which is often a difficult task.  Our app operates with or without direct internet connection.

The California Conservation Bills AB1668 & SB606
Will effect all water districts, statewide...

As part of the above new state laws Eagle Aerial will be measuring the landscape square footage for individual Single Family Homes


This totals over 8,000,000 homes

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