Private Industry Services


When working on the best aerial solution for your project, Eagle uses the highest resolution, most accurate and current imagery available in your area. Using the highest pixel resolution allows for the user to zoom in for a detailed above-the-ground view from any desktop. The resolution and flown dates vary depending on the desired geographic location.

Contours/Elevation Data

In specified locations, Eagle Aerial offers custom, highly accurate, photogrammetrically created elevation and contour data to assist in slope analysis, hydrologic studies, grading plans, 3D modeling and more. 1 and 2 foot contours can be created through the rapid and highly efficient data extraction process. Contact us to learn whether this unique elevation and contour data photography is available in your geographic location.

Remote Sensing

Eagle Aerial Solutions has developed break-through, largely automated processes to determine changes in structures and improvements from year-to-year. Our Remote Sensing team uses a combination of software solutions and expert analysis, together with Eagle’s extensive library of current and historical imagery and near-infra-red data to identify even minor ground changes, vegetation variations, etc.

This affordable solution allows customers to conduct analyses rapidly over large areas, with comparisons from scene development of land overtime using historical imagery including changes in vegetation for environmental studies, or between selected historical years for specialized purposes. This approach can save hundreds and in some cases thousands of hours over traditional, manual analysis.

Our services help assorted disciplines accomplish various tasks, such as: municipalities identifying unpermitted structural changes, assessors identifying changes that can lead to modifications in assessed value.

Building Footprints

Using highly specialized processing and software technology Eagle Aerial’s Building Footprint process extracts building footprints from existing high-resolution aerial imagery. The unique and a cost-effective technique integrates raw imagery and elevation data with parcel data and exact geo-referenced coordinates of specific locations. This allows us to create Building Footprints of every building within any specified geography.

Wall Murals

Eagle Aerial provides high quality prints and wall murals from an extensive library of current and historical imagery ideally suited for conference rooms, public hearings, government presentations for zoning approvals, etc. All prints are produced using state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading materials.

Not only does Eagle customize prints and murals to your exact dimension and proportions, but Eagle has the capacity to print virtually any size imaginable. Call for more information.

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